Choosing the correct Investment Property is Where? When? and Which type? Buying one that matches your individual circumstances is what we do.

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8 Bedroom Duplex. Loan qualification a bit tricky.

The benefit of getting an Investment Property with Cashflow Property Experts is to use processes that have worked for hundreds of our existing clients,

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Rosie and Algis Gudonis

We are long-term clients of CPE and we used equity in our existing home and investment property to build a new investment duplex. The building was created within three months and tenanted out straight away to a fully screened renter. It’s in a high growth area and the tax benefits have been significant.

We are amazed at how Cashflow Property Experts were able to organize everything – insurance, property management, finance, settlement, the builder

I recommend CPE to anyone that wants to get into a safe property investment.

David & Vicki Smith

We had no real direction in our investment portfolio or retirement strategy. With Heidi's help, guidance, and the excellent work done by her team of associates, we have grown our portfolio to 3 houses and 3 units in just 3 short years.

Our most recent purchase has been through our Self Managed Superannuation Fund which was also put together with Heidi and her team of professionals.

All of our properties have had solid capital growth, shown excellent rental returns and have been well tenanted right from completion, proof that Heidi's investment checklist really works. We are now confident in being able to fund our retirement comfortably.

Bill & Betty Smith

Recently CPE client Bill & Betty sat down with us and signed the contracts to purchase their second property. They are enjoying planning for their retirement which is coming up a lot earlier than previously expected. They are now considering purchasing a third property in the next 12 months.

Bill commented that "we talk about all the things that we want to do when we retire, the difference now is that we are making plans and not just daydreaming".

Bill and Betty are creating 'good debt' to pay off 'bad debt' instead of using their incomes (which they'd already paid the taxman for) to pay off their existing mortgage.