Our Successful Process.

Buying an investment home is a very daunting process unless you’ve got a lot of experience, or access to someone with a lot of experience – this way you’re able to miss out on the ‘first-timer’ mistakes that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Cash Flow Property Experts have refined property investment to 7 simple steps – and we’re able to help you with all of them. This covers the entire process – from getting finance, to finding the right property, crunching the numbers, settling, getting a renter in, and reviewing the property so you’re able to buy another one in 1-2 years’ time!

Step 1: Your Initial Consultation

7 Steps
Plan First

One of our experienced consultants will meet with the client to discuss goals, time horizon, capital growth needs, tax mitigation requirements, positive and negatively geared properties, and nationwide growth corridors. A client assessment will be completed in order to determine the client’s financial position and best assist with direction moving forward.

After we’ve answered all your questions and you’ve got a better understanding of what we’re about, we can explore your options further in the next step.

Step 2: You’re Finance Options

Financial Options

A Finance Broker, ours or yours it doesn’t matter, will meet with client to discuss loan structure efficiency. This includes paying the home loan down more expediently and correct investment loan structure along with possible lenders to use for finance purposes and respective current interest rates. The Finance Brokers have between 25-30 accreditations and will place the client’s loan at the best possible location given the market conditions at that time.

The Finance Broker will complete a detailed finance report which will allow the Property Consultant an accurate idea of the ‘Borrowing Capacity’ the client holds based on income, level of current debt and equity position. This will allow the development of the strategy in relation to what the client can afford and what areas and property type that will be the best fit for the client’s current lifestyle.

Step 3: You’re Property Investment Portfolio

Portfolio Options

This consultation will be very detailed and specific to the Property options that are available to the client. During this consultation, the 2 or 3 properties that represent the best value in regards to cash flow, capital growth, and tax incentives will be presented. Research data will be discussed in depth. At the conclusion of this appointment, one of the properties that are deemed to be the best fit for the client’s financial position and goals can be reserved.

We’ll also enlist your chosen lender and one of our brokers to professionally value the property and ensure you’re getting a great deal. It’s the bank’s risk here – so they won’t put up the money unless the property is in good quality and priced at fair market value.

At this point a Contract can be signed and the Consultant will walk you through it in detail. Some very important legal and financial factors, regarding the client’s rights and responsibilities will be explained.

Step 4: Your Settlement/Building


Finance approval will generally take approximately 3-4 weeks depending on the clients individual financial circumstances. When unconditional finance approval is reached, settlement dates can be confirmed by the respective parties.

Once settlement of the loan and land takes place, we’ll commence building. The builders will keep you regularly informed of progress and provide photographs along the way – you’ll be able to watch your investment materialise before your very eyes! CPE will be with you every step of the way here and we’ll ensure you’re paired with trusted, proven businesses we’ve had much previous success with.

Step 5: Managing Your Property

Property Management

Approximately 1 month before completion of your investment we’ll sit down with you and explain some options for property management. We’ll ensure you’re able to get linked with the best possible choice - a manager who cares about keeping your investment clean, tidy, appreciating in value, and, super importantly – matching your investment with the right tenant, at the right rental amount.

Step 6: Reviewing Your Situation

Property Review

Every 6 months we’ll be in touch to review your strategy and check that everything is in order. If there’s anything we can help with you can contact us at any time, but this is also an ideal situation to make sure you’re meeting your financial goals.

Every 12 months we’ll have a face-to-face with you to look at everything that’s been achieved over the past financial year - check you’ve received all your eligible tax benefits, and review your financial goals.

In short, we’re fully invested in your success. Our clients are clients for life.

Step 7: You Are Our Client For Life.

Client for Life

Our expert staff is trained to ensure they’re there every step of the way for you – we’ll be making sure the whole process is smooth and you’re fully updated on what is happening in the areas you’ve invested in. The Client has a single point of contact therefore, who will assist you throughout the whole build process and beyond.

We’d love for you to contact us at any time if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions. We’ll be happy to visit you if you’re unsure or need any help regarding your investment strategy – CPE are here to partner with you to ensure you meet your financial goals and secure your financial future.

Contact: heidi@cashflowpropertyexperts.com.au.